Nokia Oro - Make a video call

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Make a video call
Do you have friends or family that you don't see in person very often? For a face-to-

face chat, why not make a video call to them?

Video calls are a network service, and to make a video call, you need to be in a 3G


For information on availability and costs, contact your service provider.



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Video calls can only be made between two parties. Video calls cannot be made while

another voice, video, or data call is active.

Make a video call to a contact

1 Select >


and the contact.

2 In the contact card, select

Video call


The front camera is used by default for video calls. Starting a video call may take

a while.
The video call is active when you see two videos, and hear the sound through the

loudspeaker. If the call recipient does not want to send video, you only hear the

voice of the caller, and may see an image or a blank screen.

3 To end the video call, press the end key.

Make a video call to a phone number
1 On the home screen, select , and enter the phone number.
2 Select


Video call