Nokia Oro - Allow calls only to certain numbers

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Allow calls only to certain numbers
You can allow calls only to family members or other key phone numbers, and block

all other phone numbers.

Select >




SIM numbers


Fixed dialling numbers


Not all SIM cards support the fixed dialling service. You need your PIN2 code from

your service provider.

Activate fixed dialling


Activate fixed dialling

. Enter the PIN2 code.

Select the people to whom calls are allowed

1 Select


New SIM contact


2 Enter the PIN2 code.
3 Enter the contact name and phone number to which calls are allowed, and select


To add a contact from the contacts list to the fixed dialling list, select



from Contacts

and a contact.

To send a text message to a SIM contact while the fixed dialling service is active, you

need to add the text message centre number to the fixed dialling list.