Nokia Oro - Download a game, application, or other item

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Download a game, application, or other item
Download free games, apps, or videos, or buy more content to your phone. From

Nokia Store, you can find content designed specifically for your phone.

The availability of payment methods depends on your country of residence and your

network service provider.

Select >


, and sign in to your Nokia account.

1 Select the item.
2 If the item has a price, select


. If the item is free, select



3 You can pay with a credit or debit card, or, if available, on your phone bill.

To save your card information to your Nokia account, select

Save this card to my

Nokia account.


If your card information is already saved, to use a different payment method,


Change billing details


4 To get a receipt of your credit or debit card purchase, select or enter a mail


5 Select



6 When the download is complete, you can open or view the item, or continue

browsing for more content. The content type determines where the item is stored

in your phone. To change the default location, select





and the desired memory.

Tip: Use a WLAN connection to download larger files, such as games, applications, or


Tip: To avoid entering your payment card details over and over when buying items

from Nokia Store, save your details to your Nokia account. You can add more than

one payment card, and choose which one to use when buying.

For more information on an item, contact the publisher of the item.