Nokia Oro - Use the virtual keypad

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Use the virtual keypad
If you prefer to use the alphanumeric keypad when writing in portrait mode, you can

switch from the virtual keyboard to the virtual keypad.

1 Select a text input field.
2 Select >

Alphanumeric keypad


1 Number keys

Basic use


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2 * - Enter a special character, or when predictive text input mode is activated and

the word underlined, cycle through the word candidates.

3 Close key - Close the virtual keypad.

4 Arrow keys - Move the cursor left or right.

5 Input menu - Activate predictive text input, change the writing language, or switch

to the virtual keyboard.

6 Backspace key - Delete a character.

7 Shift key - Change the character case. To activate or deactivate predictive text

input mode, quickly select the key twice. To switch between the letter and number

modes, select and hold the key.

8 Text input indicator (if available) - Indicates the character case, and if letter or

number mode or predictive text input mode is activated.